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Who Is Noah J Dunbar?

Obviously he's one of those people who refer to themselves in the third person. 

Why Should You Care?

Well, I'm a BAFTA winning filmmaker, I've been commissioned by the National Theatre, had my writing published in Empire Film Magazine, I've been performing stand up comedy for 6 years and I co-host a killer podcast. And I'm only 19! I mean if nothing else, you gotta be curious to see if I'm legit or not?

What's a Neuroticmancer?

I like to think it encompasses the anti-authoritarian, progressive edge and style that I try to put into all of my work (which I believe is encapsulated by the novel Neuromancer) meeting with the neurosis that drives someone like me. 

But really, it's just a funny word that rhymes with Erotic Dancer 


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